Class Timetable


8.30am Matwork improvers – Ronel

8.30am Reformer – Karol

9.30am Private – Karol (Booked AM + V)

9.45am Matwork improvers – Ronel

10.45am Reformers / Studio – Susan

11.00am Matwork Beginners – Karol

12.00pm Reformers / Studio beginners – Karol

1.00pm Private – Karol

2.00pm Private Karol( booked J+C)

5.45pm Reformers for Kids – Karol

5.45pm Private – Ronel (booked J+T)

6.45pm Reformers Advanced – Vicky

6.45pm Matwork Improver – Ronel

8.00pm Matwork Improvers – Ronel


8.30am Matwork improvers  – Sharon

8.30am Reformers / Studio beginners – Karol

9.30am Private – Karol (Booked SM)

9.45am  Seniors U3A Matwork – Ronel

10.30am Private – Karol (Booked PM)

11.00am  Matwork Mixed – Ronel

11.30am  Reformers/ Studio – Karol

12.30pm Private – Karol (Booked IS)

1.30pm Private – Karol available

8.00pm Matwork


8.30am Reformers Advanced – Karol

8.30am Matwork Mixed – Susan

9.45am Reformers / Studio – Karol

9.45am Matwork – Susan

10.45am Reformers/studio – Karol

11.00am Matwork improvers

11.45am Private – Karol (Booked AC)

12.45pm Private – Karol (Booked C+K)

1.45pm Private – Karol (Booked C+J)

5.45pm Private  – Ronel Booked

6.45pm Matwork Improvers – Ronel

8.00pm Matwork Improvers – Ronel


8.30am Reformers – Karol

8.30am Matwork Advanced  – Ronel

9.30am Private  – Karol (Booked N++)

9.45am Matwork Improvers – Sharon 

10.30am Private  – Karol

11.00am Matwork Seniors – Sharon

11.30am Reformers/ studio for spinal health – Susan

12.30pm Neuro class  – Karol and Susan

1.30pm Private – Karol



8.30am Matwork – Ronel

8.45am Reformers Advanced – Vicky (From 30 Oct – 8.30am)

9.45am Matwork – Ronel

10.00am Reformers /Studio Mixed – Vicky (From 30 Oct – 9.30am)

10.30am Reformers / Studio – Vicky (From 30 Oct)

11.15am Private – Vicky (From 30 Oct – 11.30am)


8.30am Reformers /Studio – Karol

9.15am Matwork Improvers- Ronel

9.30am Reformers Advanced – Karol

10.30am Reformers / Studio – Karol

10.30am Matwork Mixed- Ronel

11.30am Private – Karol

11.45 Matwork Advanced – Ronel

12.45pm Private – Karol


Matwork class

8 week block £80  

Involves classical Pilates moves to strengthen and lengthen the body. We use foam rollers and large balls as well as Pilates circles and Dynaband to enhance the exercise.

Reformer / Studio Sessions  8 week block £160

Use of all the key Pilates equipment, the Reformer, the Cadillac, the Ladder Barrel, the Wunda Chair and the Baby Ark. (5 people max)

One to one session £50

One to 2 session £60

One to 3 session £65

A session tailored to your specific needs.You will be assessed by a physiotherapist and a plan will be designed to help your problem areas.

Ring , Text or e-mail to book today.

07958 944308


Conditions we treat

Back Pain
Joint Pain
Muscle Pain
Muscle Strains
Repetitive Strain Injury
Sports Injuries




Small groups mean everyone gets the help they need and lots of hands on guidance to work at your own pace and level.

Aimed at: Beginner and Intermediate.

We use Gym balls, elastics and foam rollers and has lovely thick mats. Water and snack provided.Fre parking.

Fully insured.

CRB checked

5 thoughts on “Classes

  1. Sally-anne Radkiewicz
    December 6, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    If you would like to stand tall, feel centred and refreshed every time you exercise, join a Pilates class at Haselmere Pilates. With Karol at the helm of regular sessions, you will feel in touch with your mind, body and soul. This is an hour that should be put aside once a week for the rest of your life – your inner core will become strengthened and you’ll live longer as a result!

  2. July 1, 2014 at 6:23 pm

    Its the best class ever I have attended, I feel great.

  3. Lindsay Russell
    July 5, 2014 at 11:32 am

    Since starting Karol’s classes, about three months ago, the constant lower back pain and twinges I have had for years have improved and virtually disappeared. Her classes are challenging, relaxing, fun and motivating and Karol brings not only her expertise and knowledge but also her warm sense of humour! I really miss it, when I can’t attend and so does my body. Thank you Karol.

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  5. Bridget Tanner
    June 9, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    Both my husband and myself attend Karols class for OAP,s which we thorougly enjoy. I’m very impressed with the exercises specially designed to keep us fit, healthy and mobile for years to come.

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