Pilates for Children

Joseph Pilates called the ages of 8 to 14 The Golden Years. These are the years of fast skeletal development and the time when good posture and a strong core is vital. Unfortunately Children these days spend a lot of time sitting watching television ,on computers, I-pads and gaming. Leading to postural and spinal problems for life. Pilates is a non-weight bearing form of exercise which works the mind and body. It strengthens the core and improves flexibility.


Benefits of Pilates for Children


1. Improved core strength which can help with stamina and performance in other sports.


2. Improved posture which can help writing position and concentration at school.


3. Great posture also looks fab.


4. Better alignment makes all joints last longer.


5. Gaining body awareness and control can help build self-esteem and confidence.


6. Some children may not like sport but they love Pilates.


7. Deep stretching improves relaxation and reduces stress


8. It also relieves growing pain and can reduce scoliosis.


9. Hypermobile children gain muscle power to protect their spines, knees and feet.

“Everything I know about Pilates I have learnt with Karol! I have been doing her classes 1 term solidly and it has totally change my posture and the way I feel about my body. I LOVE IT.”