The Eight Principles

Breathing – In to prepare and out for effort

Concentration – Internal and external environment

Control – Mind body, connection and correction

Centring – Engaging the core and stabilising the muscles

Precision – Alignment and integration of the required muscles to create movement

Flow – A smooth, uninterrupted continuity of movement, allowing one move to flow into the next

Routine and repetition- Use what you learn in your Pilates classes on a regular basis and you will feel the positive results.The muscle and joints learn the correct way to move.

Isolation – The ability to switch on the muscles one needs and switch off ones that are overworked.

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  1. Sue
    June 18, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Have been going to Karol’s classes since January 2015. Am a 62 year old granny and needed to build up my strength to keep up with the grandchildren! some hopes!
    But…. am definitely improving in posture and strength, many thanks Karol.
    Also, this has inspired me to lose weight, which I am doing, slowly. One stone down at least two to go. The classes are really enjoyable and manageable. Many thanks Karol for moving to Haslemere!

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