Our Classes



These low impact classes use a series of classical Pilates movements to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and postural alignment, by working on core strength.  We offer a range of classes from complete beginners to High Intensity Matwork.  We use Rollers, Magic Circles, Small and Large Balls.



Our Reformer machines offer extra resistance and support to improve muscle tone and alignment and increase core strength. These classes target specific muscle groups whilst the machine supports your whole body.  We offer a range of classes, from beginners to advanced and we also have a Rehab Reformer group for those who need a slower steadier pace with a Physiotherapist.


Springboard ™ 

In essence, a Springboard is a wall mounted Cadillac, using similar springs and resistance to a Reformer machine, but without a moving carriage, to work on specific muscle groups and strengthen your core.


High Intensity Pilates ™

Dymanic and precise, High Intensity Pilates ™ offers a more dynamic form of Pilates that combines the precision and focus of a traditional Pilates session with the dynamic energy of a high intensity workout.  We offer HIP ™ Matwork and Reformer classes, please see our schedule for days and times.



Our Yoga guru Nyree has been practicing Yoga for 20 years and is also pre and post natal qualified.

Dymanic Flow Yoga

This challenging, fast paced class designed to improve your body’s strength and mobility. It will still focus on the precision of the poses (asanas) to ensure they are enjoyed correctly and safely. There will be a delightful and well-earned relaxation at the end of the class!

Hatha Yoga

Our Hatha offers a slower class that Dynamic Flow, focused on the precision of the poses with the use of props.  Again, there will be a well-deserved relaxation at the end of the class, where we will focus on the rest and rejuvenation of body and soul, in perfect harmony.



1:1/1:2/1:3 Pilates

These sessions are for those wishing to come to a class with friends or a family member, ideal if you don’t want to join a larger group class or would like to work on targeted areas of your body.  We have couples who attend weekly 1:2 private Matwork and Reformer sessions with Karol, please get in touch to discuss.


1:1 Physio

Karol qualified as a Physiotherapist over 20 years ago and offers 1:1 sessions for clients who want to work on specific areas of their body, or who are experiencing musculoskeletal problems including post-surgical spinal and shoulder problems, hip and knee replacements as well as neck and back pain.

We receive referrals from local GP practices, osteopaths and chiropractors but you can self-refer for a private 1:1, just email or call us.

“Everything I know about Pilates I have learnt with Karol! I have been doing her classes 1 term solidly and it has totally change my posture and the way I feel about my body. I LOVE IT.”