Studio Hygiene Procedures

Below is a message from Karol regarding our rigorous cleaning and hygiene following the Governments latest Guidelines.

We have been open for 1:1 and reformers for a couple of weeks now and this has given us time to ensure we have very strict hygiene procedures in place. My 20 years in the NHS was also a great bank of knowledge.

From the outset, our booking system reminds people that if they have any symptoms they must stay away from the studio. We have a hand held digital thermometer should it be needed and we have given the teachers the go ahead to deny admission if necessary.

Anti-bac is applied to everyone’s hands on entering and leaving the studio and we are following a one-way system, filling the room from the back and emptying from the front. Reformer clients exit though a different door.

We have also:

• Limited the size of each class to allow for social distancing.

• Staggered start times and time between each session to allow for extra cleaning.

• Asked clients are bringing their own mats, stretch bands and head pillows as well as water and towels.

• Asked that people arrive on time for their session and not too early.

• Only allowing one person in the waiting area at a time.

• Ensuring clients keep their belongings with them at all times.

With regard to extra cleaning, we have the following in place:

• Equipment that can be washed is sprayed with Anti-Bac is cleaned and left for 48 hours before reuse.

• The studio floor is cleaned each day.

• All windows and doors are open to allow for fresh air to circulate and avoid the need to touch surfaces.

• The loo is open for use with Anti-Bac spray and wipes for surfaces after use.

Our teachers are keeping distanced and not touching anyone during the classes, which means they do not need to wear masks. Clients are welcome to wear masks but they are not compulsory.

Everyone has been wonderful at following our programme showing mutual respect and diligence.

We are so lucky in our studio to have open green spaces all around and we are not a huge gym with hundreds of people coming through.
Our Zoom sessions have been very popular and we will continue to run these going forwards.

Please do let me know if you need any more information or ring me to have a chat – 07958 944308.

Kind regards,
Senior Physiotherapist and Master Pilates Teacher